IMG_0816Firstly season’s greetings to everyone who visits this site and to the Facebook page. With 2014 looming I thought it might be an idea to get a few Irish Origami enthusiasts together and do a bit of folding for some time in the New Year. However I would be great to get an idea how many Irish folders there are out there and where you are based. We have 264 ‘likes’ on the Facebook page and I know of 7 of those based in Ireland.

I was thinking that Athlone would be a good location as it is very central and would minimise the travel distance for a those spread around the country. I was thinking that a Saturday in March would suit and would give everyone time to plan and let others know of the event.

There are a lot of art supply shops around the country would be great to get a handle on which shops supply Origami paper. Where do you buy your paper? I will be approaching my local store to do an origami folding demonstration and see how many we have in the Galway area.

If you know any folders that are not on FB or online, please try and get their thoughts on a possible event.

Tom Cuffe






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  1. Hey, i’ve been interested in origami for a good few years now and I’m wondering is there any conventions held in Ireland or will there be any in the future?:)

    • Hi Darren Happy New Year to you and all the Jackeens. Hopefully we will meet in March for the second gathering of Irish based folders. Tom

    • Hi John, delighted you made contact. Nick Robinson mentioned you when he was in Dublin last July for a mini gathering of a few folders in Ireland. Would have to say the response so far is a little on the poor side.
      Hopefully I can get something organised for March and a few of us can meet up and see how things might develop. From acorns came might oaks;-) Tom

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